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Update: We reached our goal! We are no longer collecting funds for Ahmed and his family. We are in the process of securing spots for them in Canada–a process that can take a couple years. Please feel free to reach out to me for an update if you’d like to know more. Thank you to everyone who shared and donated! 

I am working with a committed group of Canadians, Americans, and Australians to help a very special family of seven escape from the war in Syria to find a safe and productive life in Canada, where private citizens may sponsor refugees. Learn more about this effort in the Belmont Citizen Herald

Ahmed is a 22 year old aspiring dentist who has become a dear friend since we became pen pals in May 2016. We’ve been in contact nearly every day and I’ve come to think of him as family…my little brother trapped in a war zone.

I invite you to help in four very important ways:

  1. Donate to help Ahmed and his family leave Syria and come to Canada. Learn more >>
  2. Join our sponsor group in Edmonton, Alberta, where Ahmed and his family will live. You don’t need to contribute your own money to join us. Learn more >>
  3. Fundraise with us: We are creating a group of 23 community leaders, each pledging to raise $1000 in their communities.
  4. Please share our fundraiser with your network! Visit fundraiser >>

Once we have met our fundraising goal, the family will move to Turkey to wait for their sponsorship application to process.

Please help us bring Ahmed and his family to a safe life in Alberta.

*Because Ahmed and family are still in Syria and could be targeted, it is not safe to use their real names or photos.