We All Grieve for Manchester

I had an online conversation with someone today who wonders why, if Muslims aren’t all terrorists, the media seems to use both words synonymously. I’m not sure what news sources he frequents, but I pointed out that 1.6 billion people can’t all be terrorists.

He said, “Well they should really try and clarify that. Until then people will just tie the 2 together. You think the Muslim community would be spending millions on millions to try and seperate themselves from such a stereotype”

To which I replied, “The Muslim community creates awareness videos, websites, and marches, and Mosques often embark on community relations programs to build warm relationships with their neighbors. Media doesn’t often cover these efforts. Take, for example, the 20 million march against ISIS in Iraq last year. Also, when there is an attack in Europe and terrorist groups claim responsibility, many refugees who are stuck in camps post messages of solidarity, saying they understand what it is like to lose loved ones to terrorism. So it would seem that ‘Muslims’ really have it covered. It’s on us to support their efforts and amplify their message.”

And so, I’m amplifying their message.

I’ve had this conversation in various shades of rage too many times, but his response surprised me as much as it did warm me: “I think it’s become too difficult to get the correct information in regards to grand scale issues like this. Thank you for sharing some knowledge with me. I appreciate it.”

That we may all be so gracious when someone challenges our beliefs. That I, too, could be that open.


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