Postcards from Syria: Donor Update

A letter to people who donated to our fundraiser to bring Ahmed’s family to Canada, where private citizens can sponsor refugees. 

Dear Donors,

Thanks to you and your generous donation, we have met our financial goal!! Ahmed and family can now apply for private Canadian sponsorship, and they are eager to leave Syria and start their new lives in peace and safety.

They have shed tears of gratitude, unable to comprehend how over 140 strangers from around the world would pitch in to help them. They’ve read your messages, and every word has brought them hope. They’ve asked me to thank you but they know these two words can’t describe how it feels to be given a chance for a new life.

They are now looking into the safest way to leave Syria. They must apply for the private sponsorship program from outside their home country, and they wish to do so from Turkey. Their original plan was to apply for a family reunification program through the Turkish government, but that policy window has expired. They want to leave legally, which is proving difficult. While they search for the safest way to leave, the sponsor group in Edmonton, Alberta, is pulling together the family’s resettlement plan and is organizing volunteers to help them integrate when they arrive. If you know people in Edmonton who might be interested in helping, please let me know!

I will send another update when the family is safely out of Syria, when we have submitted their application, and when we learn if they were accepted. The whole process may take about a year, so please feel free to ask if you have questions.

Thank you again. You are amazing, and have written yourself into this family’s story of survival.

With deep gratitude,
Marcy & Team Ahmed

P.S. We raised $2900 over our goal of $23,100, which was based on the minimum required by the Canadian government to support this family for one year. The extra funds will help Ahmed’s family live with a less stressful budget, but this amount doesn’t offer much of an emergency cushion should they need it. For this reason we have kept the fundraiser active and have raised our goal to $30,000.

Photo by Pixabay user Tante Tati


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