I Made It To Greece!

I made it!

Tomorrow, I’ll get to work. I’ll help in ways that seem like no help at all, I’ll hear stories for which I’ll have no response, I’ll meet brave, amazing people who need things I can’t possibly provide.

I fear that being surrounded by people whose needs surpass what I can give will damage my already broken heart beyond repair. But I’ll remind myself I’m here to stand beside them in a world that seems otherwise unwelcoming.

If they are strong enough to live though this, I am strong enough to stand with them for a little while.

And, with that, I’ve written a little Yay-I’m-In-Greece Haiku:

No magic serum will tame
this nest on my head
but I’m a happy fuzzball!

Learn more about my volunteer trip to help refugees in Greece, and how you can help, too. 100% of all donations go directly to aid:



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